Homemade Madeleines


Written by Ben

As a child, my mom used to buy a big family sized bag of madeleine for the 5 o’clock (french children take a break at 5, after school. Some adults do it too :D.)
This year, I was craving for this piece of nostalgia and decided to make it.
After buying a madeleine mold at Bangsan market, I made some super duper madeleines by following the second french recipe of this blog.
I almost doubled the quantity you have to drop into the mold to make it big!
In this case, you need to change the cooking times and stay before your oven.
It is a delight if you dip them into a cup of hot chocolate.

Here is the translation of this recipe:

INGREDIENTS (for 27 madeleines)
– 3 eggs
– 130 g of sugar (I’ve put 110 g of sugar and 2 packets of vanilla sugar)
– 20 g of sweet honey
– 150 g flour
– 125 g butter or margarine
– 1 pinch salt
– 5 g of baking powder
– Zest of 1/2 lemon or orange or vanilla

– Soften the butter in the microwave or in a double boiler.
– Beat the eggs with the sugar, a pinch of salt and honey until the mixture whiten and the volume double.
– Add the flour with the yeast added previously.
– Add the butter and possibly some lemon zest, orange or vanilla. Personally, I put a lot of orange or lemon zest. Beside the texture, It makes the difference between the ones you can buy at Paris Croissant and those.
– Put the dough in the refrigerator at least 2 hours or overnight.
– Preheat the oven to 230 ° C (240 ° C in the original recipe).
– Grease and flour the pans (even if they are silicone).
– Fill the cavities of the madeleine’s mold with a tablespoon of dough.
– Bake and immediately drop to 200 ° C (leave 4-5 minutes at 240 ° C from Lenôtre home but they were overcooked the first time so I suggest you drop to 200 ° C when you bake. It really depends of your oven).
– After 3 to 5 minutes, the center of the madeleine forms a small depression:
Lower the oven thermostat to 180 ° C.
Instead of depression, will form the curved shape of the madeleine, the famous “bump”.
– When the madeleines are golden and curved (an additional 4 to 5 minutes), remove them from the oven and immediately put them on a wire rack to cool

This is the heat shock (temperature difference) that makes a nice bump so it is essential to let the dough rest in the refrigerator.


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