Homemade Fraisier Cake




Written by Ben

We made this cake for the first time at the end of April, during strawberry season, when they are at their cheapest price. Yes, here, seasons are very different from France. I am still surprised by how early some fruit comes out in the market.

I was thinking about making this cake earlier because you can see strawberry boxes at the mart throughout the year, but they are obviously tastier and cheaper when their season comes.

So when the season came, I bought 2 boxes of strawberries for 2500 won each at the Hallin mart close to our house. You can also buy them at any cheap market. I don’t recommend you to buy your fruit and vegetables at Emart or any big supermarket since you can find good products for very reasonable prices elsewhere.

I followed a french recipe coming from a show named “Le meilleur patissier” because after watching some episodes, I felt like replicating the cakes that they make on the show.

This show is the french version of the British BBC show the “Bake Off”, which I discovered by buying the “Good Food” magazine at Kyobo.   It is a very interesting show, by the way.


According to the technical challenge of this show, where the contestants had to make the Fraisier, it should not exceed 4 cm high, and you shouldn’t see the genoise at the bottom (you can see it in mine but I am not such a perfectionist).  Also the strawberries placed around the cake must be around the same size. If you cannot find enough strawberries which are of the similar size, you can cut the bottom of the biggest ones.

I recommend you not be shy about the quantity of strawberries you put into the cake. It is this way the freshness of them counterbalances with the sweetness of the mousseline (pastry cream mixed with butter to make it lighter and fluffier).

The topping is marzipan. My girlfriend made a transparent glaze made from apricot preserves to put on the top of the marzipan to make it shiny.

You need a ring mold 20 cm in diameter (for the cake), a flat pan, a baking sheet or parchment paper, and some basic tools such as a whisk, some pans, a spatula, a sieve…

For people who can read french, the recipe is here.


There are 3 steps in this recipe. The genoise part, the mousseline and the syrup part.

The Genoise:

90g flour, 90g sugar 150g eggs. Heat in a double boiler while beating the eggs and sugar mixture, until it reaches 50/55 ° C. Remove from heat and continue to whisk until it has cooled. Gently fold with a spatula sifted flour  2 or 3 times. Spread over silicone mats, and smooth with an offset spatula.

Bake at 180 C for 10/15 minutes. The cake is ready when it is blonde, soft in the center and the edges have shrunken slightly. Turn out onto a sheet of baking paper and cut with a cookie cutter 19.5cm (2 circles).



100g of water, 120g sugar, 20g cherry or strawberry syrup for those who do not like alcohol. Boil sugar and water. Allow to cool and add the alcohol or syrup.


Creme Mousseline:

375 g of fresh milk, 80g sugar 55g egg yolks, 15g flour and 15g of cornstarch, ½ vanilla pod. 250g butter 15g kirsch. Infuse vanilla for 10min in warm milk then bring to a boil with half of the sugar. Mix the egg yolks with the remaining flour and add the sifted sugar. Remove the vanilla pod and pour the boiling milk into the egg / sugar mixture / flour. Mix thoroughly and return to cook for a minute, stirring constantly. The cream should thicken. Put in a bowl and add half the butter (which should be whipped before). Pour into a bowl to facilitate cooling.  Place plastic wrap over the mousseline mixture to prevent a film from forming, and chill. When the cream is around 16/18 °C, cream remaining butter in a food processor and gradually add the cream. When it is well combined, add the kirsch.


The assembly:

250g strawberries, 100g almond paste. In the mousse ring, place strawberry halves around the rim. Place a sponge disc (the cake) in the mold, and soak with syrup. Follow with a layer of mousseline. Cover generously with sliced strawberries and a thin layer of mousseline. Add the second disc of sponge cake and finish with a final layer of cream. Smooth with offset spatula and refrigerate while preparing the decoration.



Roll out the almond paste thinly between parchment paper or on a sufrace dusted generously with powdered sugar. Cut with cake mold or disk and place on top of cake.

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