Homemade Lemon pie



Written by Ben

We made this lemon tart belonging the Cyril Lignac’s recipe. The custard is very tasty but for the crust, the taste of the flour is a little bit too strong.
The same type of crust recipe we fund for another lemon pie on the Good Food site taste better. Moreover, we use it as our base for quiches and pie.

The original pie is square shaped. Since we don’t have any square shaped pan, we made it in a rounded pan. consequence : the decoration isn’t clean as my expectation, but it doesn’t change the taste.

We made some italian meringue instead of a swiss one as described in the recipe, because I am not fond of hard meringue which reminds me these traditional decorations on the top of christmas cake.
Rae also made 2 little tartelettes with the left over. Yes, the amount of used ingredient is quite generous.
There is also a very lemony kind of glaze on the top to counterbalance the sweetness of the custard.

I think it is the most delicious lemon pie I ever ate!



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