Homemade Opera cake



Written by Ben

Here is another cake I planned to make because sometimes I bought it at the bakery close to my house in Villejuif, and also because Rae wanted to make it.

We checked some recipes on internet and hesitated between the french Mercotte or the Joe Pastry blog. Finally we choose the Joe Pastry one because it seemed to be less scary, and had less technique terms and french ingredients we cannot find here like the creme fleurette (we can replace by heavy cream, after reading the Joe Pastry recipe).
Next time I will probably choose the Mercotte one.

We struggled to make this Opera cake partially due to the stormy hot and wet weather. (You can notice how the pieces are already sweating just 2 minutes after taking them out of the fridge, due to the weather and the absence of air conditioning in our kitchen).
Finally every element was fine except the Joconde cake which was a little bit too firm.

I was disappointed because the last time I managed to make a striped biscuit Joconde (chocolate and nature stripes) quite easily.
Anyway, Rae made a good tempered chocolate for the topping ^^. You could hear a good “crack” when you cut it, and the buttercream was perfumed with some rum. Mmmm !

Here is the recipe from Joe Pastry.

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