Barbara’s Kitchen, Itaewon


Written by Rae

Photos by Ben

Barbara’s Kitchen is a small Korean fusion restaurant that can be found on the far side of Itaewon, towards Hangangjin.  All the items on the menu are familiar Korean items such as chicken, bajirak (small clams), ddeokbokki, etc., with a touch of Barbara.  Nothing here about the food is pretentious, and it served family style  which is why we like to go here.


For starters, a small seaweed salad tossed in vinaigrette is brought out.  It is simple and refreshing.





We decided to order Barbara’s Chicken.  Neither of use are particularly big eaters, which is why we decided to order one dish.  The chicken was extremely moist and tender.  It was topped with some sort of wasabi mayo sauce, which was both sweet and spicy.  It was garnished with a small green salad and a lemon wedge.

We used to go here and eat the crispy mandu (amazing, but no longer on the menu).

Barbara’s Kitchen gets busy on the weekeneds, so coming during the weekday or earlier (around 6pm) when it opens is recommended if you don’t want to wait.


If you want to get there, the closest subway exit is hangangin exit 3.

Go toward Itaewon. When you see the Wolkswagen shop, turn left and go down the alley. You will see Barbara’s Kitchen on your left after the Chourros shop.

Here’s the address:

682-12 Hannamdong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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