Lady M, Itaewon


Written by Rae

Photos by Ben

Today we went to Lady M.  After we saw that they were building one in Itaewon, we immediately thought of it as competition to our own baked goods – so we were curious to try.  Lady M specializes in crepe cakes, but they have other cakes, too. Today they were offering their usuals such as vanilla, chocolate, and green tea crepe cakes.  There was also a mango crepe cake, too.  Aside from crepe cakes, they had a checker cake, red velvet cake, fruit tart, and a blue berry shortcake.  There was also something that looked like a revisited mille feuille.

We decided to take a green tea crepe cake, and a slice of red velvet.


After trying their vanilla crepe cake at the Sinsegae in Myeongdong a few weeks back, which was nothing spectacular (crepes lined with whipped cream) and had no flavor, we weren’t expecting much.  However, the green tea crepe cake was not that bad.  It tasted strongly of matcha, and was light and fluffy.  It consisted of 20 thin crepe layers, and in between each layer was a matcha whipped cream.  It was pretty much the same as the vanilla cake, except matcha flavored, which is probably why it tasted better.


The red velvet wasn’t that good.  The cake wasn’t that flavorful, especially if you’ve tried the Flying Pan’s red velvet cake.  It was wasn’t dense or rich, and tasted very industrial.  The cream cheese frosting tasted exactly like cream cheese that could be spread on a bagel.  It wasn’t sweet at all, and we won’t be going back for it . . .  especially when we can make our own red velvet at home!

The price per slice is a crime.  The crepe cakes range from 8,000-9,000 per slice.  The red velvet was 8,000 per slice, and the fruit tart was 13,000 per slice.  For a whole crepe cake it was upwards towards 70,000.  Think about how many crepe cakes you could make yourself by buying one $4 bag of flour, some butter and milk.  Some people might think it’s worth it if they really enjoy the taste of matcha, but we don’t think so (even if you can’t bake a cake yourself).  If you want to try it out of curiosity like us, we would understand; but don’t expect something amazing because you’re paying big bucks for a luxury brand name cake.  There are better bakeries out there.  It’s expensive and mediocre at best.


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