Kimpura, sushi (Hapjeong)


Written by Rae

Photos by Rae and Ben

I was never a big sushi fan.  I couldn’t distinguish good sushi from bad sushi, and never understood what the big deal surrounding sushi was.  That all changed since Ben and I started dating.  He was a big sushi fan back in France, so since we’ve been together we’ve tried a variety of different sushi restaurants all around Seoul.  Our favorite place is Ogawa in Gwanghwamun, but it’s pretty pricey – so on days when we’re craving sushi, we like to go to Kimpura in Hapjeong.  It is affordable, and compared to most of the sushi in Seoul, it is good.  I first heard about this restaurant off another person’s blog ( when searching for good sushi restaurants in Seoul.  We tried it sometime last year and haven’t regretted it.

Normally we order Today’s Nigiri-Sushi (12 pcs) for 17,000 and a small basket of tempura, 10,000 won.  For starters, they brought out a seasoned steamed egg.  It looked so perfectly cooked, I thought it was tofu!



The small tempura basket came with 4 or 5 shrimp, 2 pieces of kobocha squash, a piece of seaweed and a piece of green pepper.  It was light as crisp and came with a small sweet dipping sauce.  With the sushi, it was very filling.



The special came with 10 fish nigiri and the egg and tofu pocket.  The sushi here is good because it is pretty fresh compared to other sushi places we’ve been to in Seoul and the fish is not chewy.  The rice here also holds up under the sushi, unlike our horrifying experience at Gida sushi (I honestly don’t know why Groove would recommend this establishment:  Seoul’s Best Sushi according to Groove mag).  The tuna slices were generous, and although the salmon had a crazy sauce on top which normally we are skeptical about, it was tasty.  The white fish is tender, not like bubble gum.  Although Ben said today it was a bit chewier than normal, it didn’t disappoint.  Each time we’ve come here the quality of food has been consistently good.  It’s worth paying for, especially if you’ve been disappointed by the sushi in Seoul.


The egg is sweet and tender, and I enjoy the tofu pocket, too because normally I let Ben eat the octopus or cuttlefish.



At the end, noodles come out.  In winter they serve warm udon and in the summer time they serve cold soba.  Today we got soba!  It’s a small quantity, but you don’t need much because the meal is so filling.  It’s a refreshing way to end the meal.

Here is the menu:


If you want to get there, the closest subway exit is hapjeong exit 2.  Here’s the address:

서울시 마포구 서교동 466-19
466-19. Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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