Homemade Almond Butter


Written by Rae

Yesterday Ben and I went to the the medicine market in Jegi-dong.  We went there in search of herbs to make a tea which is supposed to help enhance your dreams.  If you’ve never been to the medicine market, it’s quite a neat place.  There are many vendors who sell dried, powdered and fresh herbs.  You can find most of the herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, including some of the more familiar ones to us Westerners being cinnamon, turmeric, and green tea. You can also find dried fruit, seeds and nuts, and I even found one vendor selling hemp seeds (in case I wanted to make hemp milk or hemp protein powder).  However, we only ended up buying dried mugwort (for the tea, which I will write a post about later), and a 1kg bag of almonds, which was only 12,000 KRW – not bad!!!

I’d never really had almond butter before making it, although growing up American I did eat lots of peanut butter.  I was interested in making almond butter to test out our new food processor and also because it is used in a lot of paleo desserts and is expensive to buy.  In the future, I also wanted to try and make my own almond milk, which is probably what I’ll do with the leftover almonds. The cool thing about making your own almond butter is it still has some gritty almond pieces in it.  I like that because it adds a nice texture, and when you eat it you really have the feeling that it’s a nourishing food.  There is something nice about it not being perfectly smooth . . . although it maybe could get to that consistency if I blended it more.  Almond butter is rich and especially tasty on toast with some raw honey.  Damn, it’s addictive.  Be careful.

All you do to make almond butter is grind up as much raw almonds as you want in your food processor.  I used about a cup.  At first the almonds turn into a fine powder, but you have to keep grinding away.  Eventually the oil comes out of the almonds and it turns into a paste.  Keep grinding and you will eventually end up with smooth, creamy almond butter.  I read on some websites that it can take up to 30 minutes to make almond butter, but in our food processor it only took 10.  If you attempt this, please make sure you have a powerful food processor so you don’t risk the chance of busting yours.


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