Squid and seaweed salad banchan (어징어채 , 미역무침)

Written by Rae

I made squid and seaweed salad!

Squid banchan is one of my favorite Korean side dishes to eat.  It’s sweet and spicy (although there is a savory version, too) with it’s candied coating.  All it is is dried squid which has been softened in water, grilled in a skillet and mixed with a sauce made from corn syrup (I used honey), gochujang (red pepper paste), and garlic.  You top it with sesame oil after it’s been cooked quickly in the sauce.  Damn it’s delicious.

For the seaweed salad banchan, it was my first time making it.  It is composed of re-hydrated seaweed, cucumbers and onion.  Sometimes you see it made with carrots, and hot peppers.   It is dressed in a vinaigrette with sugar and soy sauce.  I added a tiny bit of sesame oil and sesame seeds to give it a more savory flavor.

What I like about Korean food is that everyone makes it a different way.  The ingredients are adaptable and normally doesn’t require specific measurements.


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