Our first bake sale!


We brought Little Spirit (the Ghibli doll) for good luck!  Someone actually wanted to buy her.



Written by Rae

This past weekend we had our first bake sale on the Itaewon main road.  It had been something mulling in my mind, especially after we participated in a small handmade market in the bottom of bar – which was not very visible to the public.  I always saw people selling random stuff near the subway exits, so I thought we should also give it a shot.  Finally, we mustered up the courage to put ourselves out there.

We sold three things:  banana bread, chocolate zucchini bread, and salted caramel apple crisp bars.  We chose these things because we thought most of our customers would be foreigners who missed the taste of home (America) – and also it is fall time, so apple something seemed appropriate.  We decided to make bars because they are easy to eat on the go.  After all, we were selling stuff on the street and Seoul is a really busy place.

We prepared for the bake sale three days in advanced.  The bake sale was to be on Saturday, so we prepared the banana bread on Wednesday, the chocolate zucchini bread on Thursday, and the bars on Friday.  Yes, we had tons of trouble shooting, as it was our first bake sale!  We did mess up a few loaves of bread one night (which we threw out) because we forgot to add salt.  That’s what happens when you’re at work all day and come home tired to bake.  On Friday our bars didn’t turn out well because the apples were watery (they do not have good baking apples in Korea!), so we also had to trash those – or more like give them away to friends.  This resulted in us waking up early on Saturday, the day of the sale, to remake the bars, which fortunately turned out great!

At first we set up in front of the Paris Baguette (near Itaewon exit 1), but got kicked out.  We then moved to exit 2, near the elevator.  This turned out to be a much better place, though, because there was shade blocking us from the ridiculously hot sun (I know, I said it is autumn, but it felt like summer).  Many people we knew stopped by and also a few people we didn’t know.  Setting out samples encouraged people to be interested in our products, and to our surprise, no one was abusing them 🙂

Overall, the bake sale was really successful.  The best seller was the chocolate zucchini bread, probably because deep chocolate tasting stuff is difficult to find in Korea.  We thought the banana bread tasted the best, though.  Afterwards, we felt really tired and worn out, but very proud that we had finally gotten out on the street and done it!  We hope to do it again next month or sometime soon, and a big thank you for all those who showed up!

Benoit made this awesome poster.  You can see the bars and the banana bread (which was actually a picture of my paleo banana bread).
Benoit made this awesome poster. You can see the bars and the banana bread (which was actually a picture of my paleo banana bread).

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