Paleo German Chocolate Cake



Written by Rae

Today I decided to make a paleo german chocolate cake.  I’m still chasing my sweet tooth, especially when I think (and see, because Benoit is baking a lot these days) about all the non-paleo sweets I could eat.  I miss them!  I decided, dammit, I’m gonna try and bake a delicious tasting cake today that I can eat.

Well, I did bake a cake but the cake part wasn’t up to par.  I think it is because I whipped the egg whites to soft peaks and then folded them into the cake batter.  This caused the cake to be fluffier and the chocolaty flavor to not be as dense and fudge like as a normal german chocolate cake.  Whipping the egg whites was not part of the recipe but I did this because in the Honey-Vanilla Almond cake, which called for folding in soft peak egg whites, it made a real cake like texture – unlike most paleo baked goods which are too eggy and damp.  It also caused the cake to be slightly burnt on the outsides because I think it was too fragile.  However, the batter was bomb and tasted really chocolaty, just when it baked it disappeared a little.  Next time I will just follow the recipe, and I’m sure it will turn out great.

The frosting however was a big success.  It was sweet and coconutty.  Plus the roasted pecans . . .  yum!  For german chocolate frosting made out of real food – it was pretty good!  I think this frosting would also taste good on top of carrot cake because it is creamy and nutty.

The way we ate this was with the coconut milk chocolate ice cream . . .  wow did that make it taste sooooo good!  I forgot all about my disappointment of the weak chocolate cake flavor, the slightly burnt outside, and that I had experimented on a recipe I’d never made before.  I almost forgot about the fact that I have to eat paleo (yeah people, it’s not really by choice.  I have to do this for my health condition) because the chocolate ice cream is so rich and yummy.  It tasted great with the ice cream because the flavor of the cake was boosted.

The only annoying thing about baking paleo is it’s super expensive.  We are using raw honey, and this recipe called for a lot of it.  Maybe next time I will use liquid honey or agave.  However, it is worth trying again either to put on the same recipe (followed by the directions) or another paleo chocolate cake.

Also, I halved the recipe, which is why this cake is one layer instead of two.  I don’t think it affected the taste at all because everything turned out well.  The only thing that altered the taste was me folding in the soft peaks.  Oh well, live and you learn!

You can find the recipe at Elana’s Pantry, here.


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