Chocolate Macarons


Written by Rae

I made these French chocolate macarons the other day by following David Lebovitz’s recipe.  I wasn’t that interested in making macarons before, but Benoit had some trouble during the day during his attempt at making macarons, so I wanted to try to see if I could pull them off (contest!!!! . . . hehe).  I was tired and had French class in the morning, then had to work all day, but I saw the minimal amount of prep time and ingredients that it takes to make macarons and decided to give these a shot.  By the way, minimal ingredients does not mean easy as I later figured out while attempting another macaron recipe from a french book.

To my surprise, they turned out really well for a first attempt and even had the little foot!  Talk about a confidence booster!  The first two batches I piped free hand, but the second batch burned.  Our oven is a tiny little guy, so I think sometimes it gets too hot to cook delicate things.  The third round, we used a macaron mat.  I filled it up according to the instructions, but the macarons came out too small.  I think I prefer piping them by hand.


Although i was lucky to have succeeded on my first attempt, the next morning I tried the french recipe that Benoit had been using, and we also tried a Martha Stewart recipe that both failed.  They are finicky and I believe you need a lot of practice and experience to make a great macaron.  Also, having a normal sized oven would probably really help, but I’m still really proud of my first attempt!  We are going to save them to decorate a cake.


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