Rae and Ben @ THE BURGER PROJECT at Indie Art Hall, GONG

Enjoying our cheeseburger set @ GONG.
Enjoying our cheeseburger set @ GONG.
The kitchen.
You can see it looks like a secret hideout! There’s the huge hole in the brick wall in the background.


Our friend Ryun learning how to drip coffee.

Written by Rae

This month Ben and I are going to be selling some stuff we made at GONG, an art gallery near Yangpyeong station that features independent artists.  We came upon this opportunity from a friend.  She told us that the month of October was open as an experiment for people to sell some of their crafts or handmade goods, and that we could participate in tandem with The Burger Project, which of course would be selling homemade hamburgers and french fries.

We thought it would be fun for us to participate in this event, and also a good experience.  We are still completely new to selling our stuff, so we don’t really know what people want.  Our friend suggested we make some things to go with coffee, because they would be selling drip coffee at Gong.  Per suggestion, we decided to make biscotti.  We made two kinds of biscotti.  One was an almond chocolate and the other was almond anise.  We preferred the anise one over the chocolate one, because the flavor of the anise is warm and mixes well with the sweet dough of the biscotti.  It also goes great with coffee!  Prior to our making biscottis, neither of us had ever tried one, and to be quite honest we were both pessimistic on whether or not anyone would buy biscottis.  On one website I read, it wrote that biscottis were more of an “afterthought” to coffee, and suggested that no one really bought them anymore.  We also went around to some coffee chains to see if they were selling biscotti.  Nope, no trace of any biscottis there either.  We could understand that, especially if the biscottis are industrially made and taste like a dry, horrible cookies.  However, we think we would be hooked on having a biscotti with every coffee, especially if it was homemade.

Ben also made some madeleines and sable bretons to sell, too.

If you have time to visit gallery GONG for The Burger Project, it’s an interesting space.  They have the gallery space, of course and then a space with what looks almost like a makeshift kitchen/loft where you can eat and hang out.  One cool thing about the space is there is a huge hole in the brick wall that also acts as a window.  It gives it an abandoned warehouse/secret space feel.

The cheeseburgers that are being sold for The Burger Project are worth going for.  It’s a simply done burger with all the toppings (plus cheese).  There is something really great about a simply done burger with all the toppings.  That’s why I liked the burger at Dillengers so much.  I don’t always need an artisan burger, and I think I truly prefer the simple ones the best.  Could I even go as far to call regular hamburgers rustic?  Especially with how some restaurants go out of their way to make a fancy “artistan” burger that is only mediocre these days.  The fries are also excellent for homemade fries in Korea, too.  They are thickly cut and triple fried, so they will be crispy!  The set, cheeseburger+fries, is only 10,000 won, and the proceeds will go towards funding Monoban, the band who is running The Burger Project.  So, yay for indie artists and bakers like ourselves.

Monoband @ The Burger Project.

Find the schedule for The Burger Project HERE.

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