Choco zucchini bread


Written by Rae

Chocolate zucchini cake is the shiz.  I was inspired to start making this after I started making banana bread (both which are more like cakes), because the zucchini is used much like the banana to add moisture to the bread.  The great thing about this bread is that it is super chocolaty and super moist.  Just a warning because it is very, very addictive.  It easily rivaled our friend Olivier’s grandma’s chocolate cake in both chocolaty-ness and moistness.  Normally this doesn’t last longer than two days in the house, and don’t be fooled by the zuchinni part in the title because it is chalk full of sugar!

Normally we don’t actually put sliced almonds or salted caramel on top, but we were giving it to a friend.  I think I actually prefer the way it looks without, though.



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