Fig tartlets


Written by Ben

Before the fig season ends, I decided to make some tartlets with it.
I bought a huge box of fresh figs for 11,000 won and choose this recipe.
The custard itself is good and I could use it easily to make another desserts.
The hazelnut crust, spread as described is too thick (3 credit cards). You can roll it out almost twice thiner if you can. The only most edible crust was the one I put in the tartlet pan because I succeed to roll out the dough thiner than in the metallic circles.
Also, I advise you to spray some flour while working with the dough because it is sticky.
Other recommendations would be to not fill the crusts with custard too generously and to decorate the tartlets with a big amount of fresh figs.
I made a fig jam too. It matches well with the custard and fresh figs but the sweltering crust made forget everything else.
The fig jam is more a fig sauce, made with 250g of fig, some honey and some korean plum wine for lack of port. So the result is a little more bitter than expected  but nobody complained about that.

Rae teased me by saying she would make a more savory and tasty version, like an onion tart with fig and balsamic reduction. I think it wouldn’t be a less bad idea than these tartlets with this horrible hazelnut crust.
Next time I choose a recipe from “the prince of pastry” (see his profile) I will be more careful.

Decoration contest between me and Rae

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