Birthday Cakes for Olivier and Julian

Funfetti cake part written by Rae & Double Chocolate cake part written by Ben

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Funfetti cake

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I decided to make a funfetti cake because I think there is something really magical about funfetti that takes you back to your childhood (if you grew up in America).  I have fond memories of making this cake from a box when I was little, and it makes me very excited about birthdays.  I think the colorful inside and the sprinkles actually make the cake taste better, kind of like the red food coloring in red velvet cake.  Usually I think of sprinkles of a tacky afterthought added to a baked good, but I think in some cases they can be really appropriate.  Funfetti cake is one of them.

The cake wasn’t very high because I only made one layer and cut it in half.  It’s already sweet and I don’t think it needed an extra layer of cake.  The recipe I used was this one at Sally’s Baking Addiction.  It’s a pretty good recipe, although the cake is very sticky, so you definitely have to line the pan with parchment paper.  The first time I made it, I didn’t do it and the whole thing stuck to the bottom.  I guess I skipped this step because I had a lot of success making this type of cake without lining the pan as a child – so if you give it a try, line the pan!

The frosting on the outside was vanilla butter cream.  Everything turned out perfect, and I like how the cake looks hand frosted (cause it was).  I think it adds that homemade touch.

For decorations, I had a bunch of felt laying around from Japanese felting projects, so we used some of it to make a cake banner.  I thought it turned out really well and cute, and was definitely the centerpiece of the table, along with all the bottles of liquor!

Overall, I think everyone enjoyed the cakes and they were so much fun to make 🙂

Double Chocolate Cake
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I was looking for a recipe of a big cake, easy to make and tasty enough to please a lot of people.
I decided to make a big double chocolate cake according to this french recipe. I doubled the quantities by two to make this 25 cm diameter cake.
Between the chocolate cake part and the mousse part, I inserted a thin layer of crusty praline made of milk chocolate, crushed crepe dentelle and praline paste.

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Very light ladyfingers from a joyofbaking recipe. They are glued with some salted caramel we made earlier

I also decorated with homemade lady fingers and chocolate macarons made by Rae.
The ganache inside these macarons is made very simply but because I choose a Valhrona chocolate, it was just delicious.
Macaron chocolate ganache:
– 100g chocolate Manjari (Valhrona brand, fund at Bangsan market)
– 100g heavy cream
Bring the cream to boil, then add in three times the melted chocolate and stir energetically with a spatula till having a shiny result.
Let it cool at ambient temperature.
Spread it on a macaron shell and glue the other one. Wait fron 24 to 48 hours before eating. In fact you have to let the macaron shell to get moist at the ganache contact.

Anniv_julian_&_Olivier (7 of 11)
The macarons were a little dry (old), but the ganache in the middle tasted bomb!

Anniv_julian_&_Olivier (4 of 11)
Happy Birthday Olivier and Julian!

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