Kouign amann



Written by Rae

The first time I made kuign amann, I used the recipe from David Lebovitz and made the cake-like one.  It was an all day process, and I wasn’t sure what the results would be, but it turned out great.  However, this time I wanted to make the smaller individual sized portions of kuign amann, and I also didn’t have all day to spend tending to the dough – which would have been ideal, but I’m a bit impatient sometimes.  I stumbled across this recipe which was created to be quick and easy, using quick puff pastry as an inspiration for how to not labor all day over your kuign amann.

I made this recipe twice.  Overall, I was happy with the recipe and the process, but the results were not as good as the one I achieved from the David Lebovitz recipe.  I think this might have something to do with our tiny oven, because they were cooked well on the outside, but some of them came out slightly raw on the inside.  This also happened when Benoit made his croissants, which is why we think it could be an oven problem.  Despite that mishap, the taste of the kuign amann was still yummy and totally edible.  The butter and sugar created a nice caramel all around the kuign amann, and the salted butter really enhances the caramelization.  The first attempt of this recipe, I used Kirkland (Costco) salted butter and the second attempt I used an organic salted butter.  I also found that cooking this in pastry rings in our tiny oven was not a good choice because the sugar burned on the bottom of the kuign amann.  I think if we had a regular sized oven where the heat wasn’t so extreme on the outside, the kugin amanns would have been perfect.  But for now, these hit the spot – especially for a process that wasn’t that labor/time intensive.

David Lebovitz recipe
David Lebovitz recipe
David Lebovitz recipe. You can see the great caramelization all around the kuign amann. So delicious but so unhealthy!
David Lebovitz recipe. You can see the great caramelization all around the kouign amann. So delicious but so unhealthy!

2 thoughts on “Kouign amann

  1. Hey Rae and Ben! I’m loving your blog. And I love Kouign Aman. I first had it in Brittany, and now there is one bakery in Minneapolis that makes it. Such joy!!!! I’m so impressed with what you are turning out from your tiny kitchen and oven. I’ll be watching for more goodies now that I have your blog address. Happy baking (and congrats on your marriage–we toasted you last night at Third Thursday)!

    Kathy Childers (Will Lehman’s mom)


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