Paleo Pumpkin Pie

First version made with almond flour crust and coconut milk whipped cream.

Second version made with "graham cracker crust."
Second version made with “graham cracker crust.”
You can see with the graham cracker crust it burnt a little on top. There was a warning about this in the book, but even by covering the crust as suggested, it was still too fragile.


Written by Rae

Paleo pumpkin pie is pretty delicious.  Back in the US, I mostly ate industrial pumpkin pies and I still loved them.  So to me, paleo pumpkin pie tastes just as good, if not better because it’s homemade.  It’s just as creamy, and has the same texture as if it was made with sweetened condensed milk and a bunch of sugar.  However, when you eat this, you can indulge in the holiday festivities without guilt and the horrible feeling you get after downing a bunch of sugar and carbs.

I first saw this recipe when my friend posted a picture to her Facebook wall of the same pie.  Once I saw it, I immediately wanted to make it and set out to buy a can of pumpkin puree that very same day.

I made this recipe twice and the only thing I changed about it was the crust because walnuts are pretty expensive here in Korea, and I wanted to keep the recipe low cost.  The first time I made it, I used this almond flour based crust that I found used for another paleo pumpkin pie recipe.  It turned out pretty well, and served its purpose as a crust, but wasn’t like a crust you’d wanna keep going back for more.  Paleo crusts are different than traditional pie crusts because they aren’t flaky and they’re a pain to press into the pan.  You can’t roll them out like normal crusts – and frankly they’re not as good, and isn’t the crust supposed to be the best part?

The second time I used the graham cracker crust recipe from Daniel Walker’s book, All Against Grain.  This crust was a bit heavy and also a bit sweet for the pumpkin pie.  I thought it would actually be better than the first, but I actually preferred the raw taste of the crust better than the cooked.  I think next time I will try a different recipe.

However, the pumpkin pie part tasted great, and I wouldn’t even miss eating the real thing.  There was even enough left over where we happily licked the rest of the bowl because it tasted like a pumpkin latte.  I recommend this recipe for all those looking for something sweet, healthy and easy to make during the holidays.

Ben and I enjoyed it with some coconut milk whipped cream.


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