Homemade Yujucha ( Yuzu Tea)


Written by Rae

Yesterday we were walking around Home Plus looking for lemons, and we came across a large bag of yuzu.  Sitting right next to the yuzu were large glass bottles of yujacha, or yuzu tea.  Yuzu tea is delicious.  It looks like marmalade, with large chunks of yuzu peel and some yuzu pulp in a syrupy mass.  It’s sweet and floral and is an excellent thing to drink in the winter for a pick-me-up or when you have a cold.

Right now I’m suffering from a cold, possible a sinus infection.  So, I was really craving some yujacha when I saw it.  However, looking on the label of the yujacha, you can imagine what I found:  loads of sugar!  In my mind, the sugar kind of negates the health properties brought by the yuzu, which is why I decided to make my own with just yuzu and raw honey.

I’d actually never seen a real yuzu until this year.  They kind of looked like deformed clementines, with a loose skin on the outside, and lots of large seeds on the inside.  I read somewhere that the peel is more prized than the fruit itself, and I can see why.  The fruit part seems no fun to eat with all the seeds, and it is not very fleshy or juicy like an actual clementine, or even a lemon or orange.  I just love the smell of yuzu because it smells flowery.

To make the yuzu tea I followed a few different recipes – but ultimately just did it my way.  I cut each yuzu in half and scooped out the flesh and put it aside.  I then scraped out all the white part from the inside of the peels that were left, like I saw in this recipe here.  I steeped the peels in boiling water 3 times for 1-2 minutes each time and then cut up the peels in tiny pieces.  I simmered the skin and some of the pulp for a little bit in a lot of raw honey and put it in a jar.  Voila!


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