Caramel Pecan Rolls




Written by Rae

I decided to make these after my sister had given us some from a few batches she made over Christmas.  They are super dank, and maybe my new favorite treat.  They are similar to a cinnamon roll, except even more jacked up on sugar, with a lovely dark and nutty caramel on top.  Eating these rolls becomes very addicting.  They are fluffy, soft and I just can’t get enough of them!

To make these rolls, I followed this recipe.  However, I took my sister’s advice and let them rise once in the oven with a bowl of hot water until it doubled in size, and then after I rolled them out, I rose them again over the radiator.  They still turned out light and fluffy without waiting overnight.

I like this recipe because it’s super simple to make, and takes almost no effort.  Most of the time is done waiting for the dough to rise and spent baking the rolls in the oven.  Just be careful not to kill the yeast by making the water too warm!

The dough after the second rise. The buns don’t have to be touching or perfectly arranged because they will expand while cooking.
The rolls after they’re cooked. You have to bake them inverted, so the butter and the brown sugar caramelizes with the nuts, and then flip the pan after it’s done cooking.



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