Julia’s baekil (100 day birthday)

Written by Rae

This last week was super busy for Ben and I.  We were asked by our friends to prepare some treats for their daughter’s 100 day birthday.  The 100th day birthday is a special day in a Korean baby’s life because in the old days, surviving childbirth wasn’t as easy – probably both for the mom and child.  Anyway, this weekend we celebrated Julia’s 100 day birthday and it was very special.

We were asked to make a cake, and we were also asked to make some other small little treats.  For the cake, we made a Fraisier.  The fraisier turned out light and scrumptious.  The strawberries were naturally sweet and went very well with the creamy mousseline and the sponge cake soaked in framboise syrup.  It was the perfect cake for a sweet little girl.

As for the cookies we chose to make almond anise biscotti, citrus shortbread dipped in dark chocolate, and sugar cookies decorated with chocolate and sprinkles.  The shortbread cookies are supposed to look like little tea bags, and we printed a special little tea tag for Julia’s birthday!  It was super cute, and of course citrus and chocolate is a classic combination and tasted oh-so-good.  All of these cookies together created a super cute theme that looked like a tea party.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results, both taste and presentation-wise, and it was such an honor to be celebrating Julia’s 100th day birthday with good friends!











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