Strawberry Scones (Paleo)



Written by Rae

You can tell by the last three posts that we’ve been having a hard time staying away from sweets.  Sugar and flour are both super addicting, and once we started eating them again (from about Christmas through Julia’s Baekil) it’s been hard to stop.  Both Ben and I started getting more acne and waking up with brain fog.  However, we’ve been (well, mainly I’ve been) making an effort to cut that crap out of my life again and only save it for about 1 cheat a week, or less.

Therefore, this past week I decided to make strawberry scones in efforts to increase our paleo baking repertoire.  I used Daniel Walker’s recipe from her book, All Against Grain, which has as almond flour base. To my surprise they turned out very well!  In Walker’s recipe, it calls for dried black currants, but I used fresh strawberries instead.  They were not too sweet, the fresh strawberries giving them all the sweetness they needed.  I even omitted 1 tablespoon of honey from the recipe.  For a paleo scone, I couldn’t complain.  They were soft on the inside, and golden on the outside.  They might have been a little bit dense, and a little bit too flat, but to me that wasn’t a problem.  They really hit the spot, and Ben said that they were better than the non-paleo strawberry scones we made just a few days before to practice for a future bake sale.   To top them off, we brushed them with coconut milk and sprinkled a little organic cane sugar on them before baking.

We gobbled most of them up that night with our bedtime tea, and the next morning I made another batch with raisins.  Though, both of use preferred the use of fresh fruit, so next time I will try them with fresh blueberries.


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