Strawberry Tiramisu


Written by Rae

Last month we had a unique opportunity to present some of our stuff to a couple who was thinking about opening up a cafe in Samcheong-dong, through a friend who will be opening up his restaurant Manimal (BBQ) in Itaewon next month.  Although I think they had more of a fast-food to-go type of dessert in mind, it was still a positive experience and we ended up making some great things.

Aside from the chocolate zucchini bread, which we already have sold to many of our friends, I decided to make strawberry tiramisu.  I already love regular tiramisu, and since strawberries have been so darn inexpensive these days and it’s spring time, I thought it would be a perfect dessert to show.

Benoit made the lady fingers and I prepared the strawberry coulis and the marscarpone.  We put it in these cute cups that I found at Bangsan Market, and I stuck half a lady finger in the top which made for a cute and playful presentation.  The homemade lady fingers are light and fluffy compared to the store bought ones, and they go so well with the strawberry coulis, which is just a bit tart.  For this recipe, the marscarpone mixture had less sugar and less eggs than the one we normally use to make regular tiramisu, so it was cheesier and rich.  The fresh strawberries in the mixture were a perfect way to cut through the richness of the marscarpone.  Overall it was refreshing and a nice change from espresso!


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