Brioche bretonne


Written by Ben

Last weekend, I decided to make a batch of brioche. Not the milky brioche you can find easily everywhere in Seoul, but the one with butter.
This version is fluffy, a little bit moist (not dry) and so soft! After tasting this, it will be hard to go back to regular, industrial brioche.
I use to eat this kind of brioche every Sunday morning, when my dad came back from the bakery early in the morning with one that was freshly made.
In France, you can also find a cheap and good “industrial” brioche bretonne named “La brioche vendéenne”.
It hits the spot alone or toasted with butter and raspberry jam!
You can also make thick slices of french toast (pain perdu) if you’re a glutton like me.

Here is the slice of the messed-up atomic mushroom one  (notice the shape) I gave to chef Gregory working at High Street. 😀


Notice the shaped balls in this pan fit well because the mold is tall, even after letting it rest.

In the lower mold, well, I didn’t make all the balls the same size. I though it wasn’t important, as I read somewhere on internet.

The crazy big ball grew into an interesting shape, but it still tasted good.

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