Chocolate, Citrus and Ganache Pound Cake/Deerback

deerback_poundCake (1 of 3)

deerback_poundCake (3 of 3)

deerback_poundCake (2 of 3)

Written by Rae

I’ve been wanting to push myself in technique a little, so I decided to make this pound cake.  As I wrote in my last post, I love making quick breads and pound cakes.  They are deceivingly good with their quaint look.  It was good for me to make this pound cake because I am pretty comfortable making loaves, yet this involved a lot more steps (not a one pot ordeal) and took a lot more time.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but the end result was fabulous.  I can say I’m really proud of myself for this one.  Not only is it a beauty to look at, but it also tastes damn good.

I got this recipe from The Art of French Pastry by Jacquy Pfeiffer.  The cake is made with an almond flour base, and contains only 2 tablespoons of regular flour.  It contains no baking powder or baking soda because there is a meringue which makes the batter rise.  It is light, moist and scented with lemon and orange zest which also give it a somewhat floral flavor.  There is a nice balance between the citrus and the chocolate.  The bottom of the cake is cut in the shape of a triangle and filled with a layer of chocolate ganache (which I also made), and the entire cake is encrusted in almonds.  Both of these elements add something special to the cake, and the almonds give it a nice texture.  This loaf is also very petite, although I think I had enough batter to make it in a slightly bigger pan, so next time I will try it in a bigger pan and maybe fill it with raspberry jam instead of chocolate ganache.

All I can say is that this cake is the bomb and was definitely worth the effort to make.


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