Meyer lemon tartlets

lemon_tartlets (4 of 5)
Second version
First version with pate brisee crust


First version with chocolate crust



Written by Ben

These look like normal lemon tarts but switching to its cousin, the Meyer lemon, makes them way more tasty and flavorful.
Rae told me she saw meyer lemons at home-plus for 1000 won each, which is cheap for a lemon here.
I didn’t know this variety, but I found out they are less acidic and fruitier than regular lemons.

I gave my tartlets to some friends and a korean couple who own a new coffee shop. The korean guy wasn’t very fond of sweets, but he found the tart exceptional.
They also told us the crust was both crunchy and melts in your mouth, exactly the desired effect :).
My only regret is I never had the chance to taste one. I just tasted each element separately when I was baking!

To make these, I strictly followed the recipe in Mastering the Fundamentals of French Pastry, except I replaced the lemons by meyer lemons.
I made two types of crust, one sugar crust and another with chocolate.
I also made some candied lemon peels to decorate the tartlets.  I glazed the top with some preserve I mixed with some of remaining syrup of the candied peels, in order to add some taste to the glaze.

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