Paleo mint chocolate ice cream


Written by Ben

Not a long time ago, we were ice cream addicts and ran almost every night to get our drug at the closest ice cream shop from our house.
After a detox period based on paleo food and sports, we got rid of our daily sugar cravings.  However, sometimes the past come back suddenly. That’s why I wanted to find a way to satisfy my apetite for sugar without raising my blood sugar drastically, and without killing my stomach with lactose.

The recipe I found is paleo and uses coconut milk instead of dairy and honey instead of sugar.

The green vivid color comes from some blanched spinach, cooled in water with ice cubes to fix the color.
I reassure you, you cannot taste the spinach!

I don’t remember exactly where this recipes comes from, but I used one can of coconut milk, some honey (about 1/4 cup), blanched spinach (a few leaves is enough, like 1/2 cup, not packed), and some mint extract bought at Bangsan or The Foreign Mart (about 1 teaspoon). You can add some vanilla extract, too, but the mint extract is so strong that you will not be able to taste it. Don’t forget the chocolate chips!

Put everything except the chocolate chips in the food processor, add some honey and mint extract little by little and taste.
Don’t worry if the spinach leaves don’t mix well in the beginning. After a few minutes, depending on your food processor, the spinach leaves will disappear and are transformed into a green natural coloring food.

Put the mixture in a tray or in a tupperware that fits your freezer. Check a few hours later and remix it. Put the chocolate chips in the ice cream, mix gently by hand with a spatula and put it back in the freezer, et voila!


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