Gayaquil -dark chocolate cake-

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Written by Ben

Nowadays we are preparing our trip to France and I was wondering if there is some pastry magazine we could buy there.
It is been a while -4 years- I didn’t came back to France and the pastry world changed a lot since I live in Seoul, mainly the way how pastry has been democratized recently trough TV show and other medias.
I fund the 2 first publication of a magazine I don’t know, named “Fou de patisserie” on internet.
There is showcases of stuffs that blow your mind, but it seems still too technical to me.
Here is the first recipe I wanted to try, because it is “easy” to make and it seemed a very very chocolaty cake, the kind of chocolate cake you cannot find in Korea. And the recipe was created by a pastry chef who grew up close to my hometown, Jean-Paul Hevin (Best french workman, 1986 ).
It is one of the most decadent cake I ever made, said my wife! 😀
I took the compliment but at the same time, I think about this chef who took several years to perfect this recipe…

I only fund almond paste with 21% of almond at bangsan market. I needed one with 50% almond, the one you use to make Joconde, financier and other cakes…
So I decided to make it myself. It is very easy.
You can find a lot of tutorial on youtube for instance.
I put almond flour and powdered sugar in the food processor, half-half.
I mixed it with an enough quantity of egg white and put almond flavor.
Start to mix it with a wooden spoon or a spatula and then shape it with your hand.
It is done in 5 minutes!

almondPaste_v1 (4 of 7)
one egg white. I used half of it
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I put 100g of almond flour and 100g of powdered sugar
almondPaste_v1 (3 of 7)
You can find it at high street market or at Bangsan market

almondPaste_v1 (5 of 7)
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wrap it and put it in the fridge for one hour

Here is screenshots of the recipe fund in the magazine “fou de patisserie” n.2.
For french people or people who can read french, there is a link of a famous french blog where you can find the recipe: Mercotte blog, Gayaquil cake.
gayaquil_2gayaquil_v1 (1 of 14)
I got freaked out when I started to spread out the batter because it was abnormally too sticky to me. I though it would be more like a Joconde. Next time, I am gonna mix the batter more before adding the chocolate.

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After soaking in the vanilla flavored syrup.

gayaquil_v1 (2 of 14)

gayaquil_v1 (5 of 14)
Easy part, whipping the egg white.

gayaquil_v1 (4 of 14)
I didn’t find the exact type of chocolate used for this recipe in Seoul, but I bought a 70% cacao dark chocolate from the same brand, Valhrona. I had already cacao mass. It was smelling very good already.

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Concerning the assembling, I still need some practice to reach a good level but it was so tasty I can be indulgent a little bit toward myself.

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