foret noire revisitée

Written by Ben

foret_noire_v1 (2 of 6)

The recipe comes from the french pastry magazine “Fou de patisserie” n. 3.
Despite some errors in the glacage recipe and the warmy weather, everything was easy to do.

Compared to the traditional foret noire, the black chocolate is stronger and it is not sweet, which is a good point to counterbalance the sweetness of the amarena cherries.

Inside, there is a chocolate mousse made with Valhrona 70% cacao, a chocolate sponge cake soaked with kirsch syrup, and amarena cherries.
The glacage looks a litle bit messed up but it says to use “creme liquid”. In France, it is 12% fat cream, so I mixed 2/3 of milk and 1/3 of 35% fat cream, but after some research, I figured out We have to just use 35% fat normal cream.
It says also to put the cake in the fridge, whereas normaly, you have to put cake in freezer to be able to pour the glacage properly~
The chocolate shaving is made by melting it, spread it on a flat pan and wait it to cool down. I had to put it in the freezer for several minutes because it was so warm the chocolate refused to solidify.
Once it is hard enough but not rock hard (or warm the chocolate with your hands), take a knife or a small circle and scrape gently.

foret_noire_v1 (4 of 6)
foret_noire_v1 (3 of 6)
The cherry “confiseur” on top of the cake are regular cherries dipped in a caramel to make a shiny coating.
I had some problems because while the caramel was cooling down on the cherries, it was slightly sliding out of the cherries.
I remade the caramel and wait to be a little bit cooler, thinking it was because the hot caramel didn’t have time to set on the cherries.
This time, the caramel was too thick when I dipped the lasts cherries in it.
We stopped by Paris Croissant at Gwanghwamon and noticed they have the same problem with their cherries on their foret noire. 😀

foret_noire_v1 (1 of 6)
foret_noire_v1 (5 of 6)


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