Riz au lait De conticcini

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Written by Benoit HOUTIN

Our parents used to make riz au lait with or without caramel when we were in elementary school. It is very old fashioned and here, nobody knows what it is.
I picked up a more advanced recipe than the regular one, because I wanted to try a recipe from our new book, written by  Ph. Conticcini. This guy is considered as the king of the pastry.
The book I bought has recipes without sugar.
It involves a lot of prep, and would be too much for beginners.

The riz au lait is a kind of slighty sticky milky rice. This one has a caramel core and some fruit part, with crispy rice and whipped cream.

I willn’t  give the recipe but you should know it involves boiling 1 liter of apple juice to make 18cl of reduced juice used as sugar (it made twice as less for me…), to reduce the remaining 80cl of milk you used to cook the rice with to make it thick enough and add it to the cooked rice, to reduce some milk and cream and reduce apple juice again to make a caramel…
The only good and quick thing worth to make again is the crispy rice. Just cook them in a stir fry or saucepan and slowly, they golden. It is light and crispy and you can find many applications to use those.

If you like apple juice reduction taste, which is a kind of strong flavor, you can boil apple juice till it turns into a thick liquid.
But it is for me a waste of money, ingredient and gas:
You have to wait more than 30 minutes on big heat to evaporate enough water, to have a tiny quantity of sauce.

The recipe says to use pear but we don’t have smooth pear in Korea, just a very big rounded, grainy and harsh one.
So I used big peaches. They were too hard so I poached them in syrup (basically water and sugar and some optional aroma). You can add thyme, basil and other herb, according to your taste.
Check if they are cooked enough with something pointy. If it offers no resistance, it is done. You can also eat some to check!

In my case, the rice was too sticky. Maybe I cooked it for too long or the type of rice I choose wasn’t the right one. In France, we use the “riz rond”.
Here, I found a short rounded rice too named “california rice” but it doesn’t seem to puff as the “riz rond”.

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