Baba mojito


Written by Ben

After our trip to France and having eaten a Baba au rhum in a gastronomic restaurant I wanted to reproduce one because it was the bomb.
Baba au rhum is a kind of brioche soaked in syrup. It is very soft and refreshing.
I chose this variation of baba au rhum, tweaked with mojito syrup instead of rum syrup.
There is also a rum pastry cream inside, which I mixed with a little bit of whipped cream to lighten.  The whipped cream on top was infused with mint.
All around are slices of lime supreme that add freshness and inside the baba are rum raisins.

I took my inspiration from the magazine “fou de patisserie n. 6”.
I changed the baba dough recipe because we don’t have fresh yeast here. I wonder if because of using instant dry yeast, the baba texture wasn’t as fine and delicate as good ones I ate in the past.

-First, bring to a boil the heavy cream and enough fresh mint and let it infuse in the fridge for the night or more.
I used peppermint because fresh mint is very expensive.
At the very end, whip the cold cream.
-Make the baba dough. You can find some recipes on internet. If you know how to make a brioche, you will be familiar with the process.
When you fill the mold, fill it at 2/3 max because after the resting time before baking, it puff a second time in the oven.
Normally you have to wait for the baba 2 days and soak it in the syrup to allow the syrup to soak well the baba beginning to be stale. You can also not wait.
-Make the syrup with water, sugar (I used coconut sugar), rum, and the flavor of your choice. You can also change it for orange or other juice.
-Make the pastry cream. Same, it is a basic recipe you can find on the net. Just add some rum at the end.
-Soak the baba in the warmed syrup (not too much) about 5 minutes. Don’t forget to flip big ones.
-Decoration: I segmented some lemon and I used the skins to grate them on the babas.
Put some apricot jam or less expensive special glaze you can find in pastry shop to keep it moist inside.



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