Roasted banana ice cream with bananes flambees

banane_flambee_icecream_v1 (3 of 3)

Written by Benoit

A simple dessert as satisfying as a sophisticated entremet.
Again, making an ice cream is a simple easy treat to make, and expected even at the end of a big meal.
I wanted to make a paleo ice cream using the agar agar I barely had the occasion to use before.
Thanks to agar agar, it adds elasticity and it is smoother. You can have a similar texture as a dairy fluffy ice cream.
Rae told me to make a roasted banana Ice cream and I executed her idea and it is creamy and very flavorful!
Here is the recipe.
I didn’t have stevia so I just skipped it and added a little bit of coconut sugar.

For the bananes flambees, there is several recipes on internet. It isn’t paleo but I used grass fed cow’s butter and coconut palm sugar, which is less of an evil… And it hit the spot! I used rum but I guess you can easily replace it by cointreau too.
All you need is a stir frying pan, butter, some sugar, maybe some spices as cinnamon…, and some rum or cointreau.
The buttery sauce might disgust you just by seeing it but it is also delicious with the bananes flambees and ice cream!

banane_flambee_icecream_v1 (1 of 3)
Roasted bananas ready to be mixed in the food processor with the other ingredients.

banane_flambee_icecream_v1 (2 of 3)
Let your sorbetiere works for 30 minutes and you have a fluffy ice cream.
You can also stir it time to time while freezing but it wont be fluffy as if you use an ice cream maker.

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