Cheesecake citron jaune et vert

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Written by Ben

I wanted to make this dessert found in the magazine “Fou de patisserie” issue 7 because it seemed refreshing compared to more traditional cheesecakes, which are too heavy for me.
Plus, it looked pretty to me.
The recipe comes from Jean Baptiste Aybran, chef at the Hotel Scribe, Paris.

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There is:
a speculos and candied lemon streusel (crust)
a lemon jelly with lime zest
an emulsified lemon jelly insert
a white chocolate shell with hazelnut
a no baked cheese cake.

The lemon jelly was too acidic, but I should have tasted it before.
The emulsified lemon jelly insert works ok with the cheesecake part.
The cheese cake was too cheesy for me but Rae, who’s american, said it was good…
The speculos streusel is the good part of the cake.
The white chocolate shell needed to be as thin as possible. It solidified instantly when I drizzled it on the frozen cheesecake. the cheesecake was probably to cold (the chocolate was around 40 deg. C).

Well, it isn’t an awful dessert, and with some adjustments, it can be good enough to be shared.

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For 6 or 8 individual cakes (7 to 8 cm of diameter)
prep. time: 1h30
baking time: 5 min

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You can make your own candied lemon. Blanch 3 times the zest, add some sugar and let it boil for 20 mins in the lemon juice and water.
Cover the zest with water. When it turn translucent, it is done. Do not over cook it or it will turn into an awful burnt caramel.

For the lemon streusel:
68g speculos crumbs
60g white chocolate (use Valhrona or non too sweet white chocolate, because speculos and candied lemon are already super sugary)
20g candied lemon (you can buy some at the store right to “I love choco”, at Bangsan market, Seoul, in small bags too)
25g puffed rice (puffed rice recipe)
I multiplied the recipe per 1.5 to be sure to have enough.

For the green lemon jelly:
100g lemon juice
20g caster sugar
2g gelatin
(I advice you to taste it before putting the gelatin, because it might be super acidic. If it is the case, you could add some water and ad more gelatin)

For the emulsified lemon jelly:
100g lemon juice
10g sugar
3g gelatin

For the cheesecake cream:
90g heavy cream
3 egg yolk
22g sugar
165g Philadelphia
2g gelatin
9g butter

For the white chocolate shell:
250g white chocolate Valhrona opalys (not sweet)
75g cacao butter
100g shredded roasted hazelnut

Lemon streusel:
In a bowl, mix the speculos crumbs with the melted white chocolate and the candied lemon cut in mini dices.
Add the puffed rice.
Roll it out between two parchment paper and cut it with metal circles or any shapes you will use to make your cheesecake.

Green lemon jelly:
Bring to a boil the juice and the sugar.
Taste and adjust it.
Add the gelatin you soften in cold water before. Prepare more if you add more liquid into the preparation.
When it is cold, add the lime zest.
Pour in molds and put it in the freezer.
(I used my mini baba au rhum mold and filled up equally)

Emulsified lemon jelly: 
Bring to a boil the lemon and the sugar.
Add the gelatin soften before in cold water.
use a blender or a mixer to emulsify the juice. You should see a foam on the surface
Put it in a 2 cm of diameter mold. I used some hemispheric metal mold and wrapped them with plastic wrap before pouring the juice into them.
That way, it will be easier to unmold them.
Put them in the freezer.

Cheesecake cream:
Bring to a boil the cream and add the egg yolk and sugar and cook it at 85 deg. C, to make a curd.
Add the gelatin soften before in cold water and mix till dissolved with a whisk.
Soften the philadelphia, pour the curd on it and mix.
Add the tempered butter and mix again.
Set it aside.

White chocolate shell:
Roast the hazelnut at 140 deg. C in the oven for about 15 min. Check them before, to not burn them, in case your oven isn’t correctly set.
Shred them in a food processor for 2 sec. You do not need a powder but litlle chunks of hazelnut, like you can find on ice cream chocolate shells.
Melt the white chocolate with the cacao butter on a double boiler or in the microwave (be careful to not burn it, go by 30s by 30s sequences and stir it)
Mix everything.

Pour the cheesecake cream in 7 cm  silicon molds (silicon mold are easier to work with in this case but I don’t have it at home, so I used 7 cm metal circle mold wrapped with plastic wrap on the bottom)
Insert the frozen emulsified lemon jelly.
You can put on top the crust.
Put it in the freezer.
When it is frozen enough, unmold it and pour them in the white chocolate.
Put the lemon jelly on top of the cakes.

cheesecake_citron_jaune_&_vert (2 of 10) cheesecake_citron_jaune_&_vert (3 of 10) cheesecake_citron_jaune_&_vert (4 of 10)
I don’t have torch at home so I use the stove and it works well.

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