Puffed rice

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Written by Ben

First time I made Puffed rice just by grilling some in a hot fry pan, but it didn’t worked as expected.
It was crispy but still too hard.
I made some research and fund the traditional way to make it with hot sand in a big pot.
Industries have special appliances to make it puffier, under vaccum.
I fund and followed this tutorial, doable at home:

The only things you have to do is :
Cook the rice
Let it dry fir 24h at least
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Pour canola oil or high burning smoke point oil in a wok.
Warm the oil till it reaches 600 F or around 315 degrees C.
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Put the rice in a strainer and deep fry it for 2-3 seconds.
It puffs almost instantly. You gonna hear the puffing sound.
Be careful to not over cook the rice, like me, thinking it needed some extra seconds.
It was still edible and not burnt thought.
puffed_rice_v1 (1 of 1)



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