Apple pie

tarte_aux_pommes_bajard_v1 (1 of 2)

Written by Ben

It looks like a normal apple pie but there is this orange flavor enhancing the taste that makes a real difference.
The recipe comes from the book of Olivier Bajard.
It is a 6 turns puff pastry, caramel Kumquat with crystallized orange flavored almond apple pie.
Mine doesn’t look as good as the one in the book. I have to train more about the puff pastry making, decoration and fruit cutting skill… If you have the right perfectly rounded apples, you can make perfect slices, I guess.
If you follow the recipe, you gonna make a small amount of puff pastry, just enough for this pie.
The quantity were so small I had the feeling to play dolls baking cake.
I suggest you to wait more than the advised time between turns. 20 minutes seemed not enough for me.
Indeed my puff pastry was kind of elastic and the butter melted very fast. The weather was still hot when I decided to make it…
My circle measure a 23 cm of diameter but the recipe says to use a 20 cm circle or pan.

Puff Pastry:
Water: 50g
White vinegar or lemon juice 2g
Salt 2g
Flour T55: 50g
Flour T45: 50g
Butter: 25g

Amount to use with the ingredients above: 175g
Butter for the “tourage” (turns): 75g

Caramel Kumquat:
Blonde sugar: 15g
Caster sugar: 40g
Glucose syrup or Caster sugar: 40g
Salt: 1g
1/2 vanilla pod
Heavy cream: 40g
Kumquat: 40g (replaced by some orange extract)
Butter: 40g

Apples: 3 pieces

Crystallized almonds:
Water: 10g
Sugar: 25g
Orange water: 10g (replaced by a small drop of orange extract)
Almond: 120g

tarte_aux_pommes_bajard_v1 (2 of 2)


Puff Pastry:
Mix water, salt and vinegar (or lemon juice). -Vinegar is an anti oxidant and helps to reinforce the elasticity of the dough-
Mix the tempered butter cut in dice with the flour.
Add the liquid mixture to the flour and butter.
Knead without over working the dough in order to not make it too elastic.
Make a rectangle of your dough.
Wrap the dough and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes min.
Put some flour on your working table.
Roll out the dough to make a rectangle as perfect as possible.
Roll out the butter to make a rectangle as large as the rectangle of dough, but one 1/3 smaller.
Put the butter on the dough and fold the overlapping third on the butter, then fold everything in two.
Roll out to a thickness of 2 cm.
Fold the dough in 3, like a letter.
You made 2 simple turns.

Wrap it and put it in the fridge for 20 min or more (more if you feel your dough is too elastic or the butter is too soft or about to melt).
Make two simple turns.
Finally, make the last two simple turns just before using the puff pastry dough.
Roll out the dough to a thickness of 3 mm then prick it with a fork.
Spray some butter on your circle or pan.
put the dough in your circle. Lift the circle a little bit and let the dough fall against the sides in order to have a right angle.
Repeat this gesture all along the circle.
Remove the excess of dough with a knife. Let it rest at least one hour in the fridge.

Preheat your oven at 180 deg. C.
Bake the crust during 20 min. with some weight and aluminium foil in between.

Caramel kumquat:
Caramelize the sugars with the salt and the vanilla till 183 deg. C.
Meanwhile, preheat the cream with the kumquat (or another citrus).
Pour the cream on the caramel.
Add the cold butter.
Weight the caramel to obtain 150g. Add some cream if needed.

Crystallized almond:
Bring to a boil water and sugar.
Add the orange water (or orange extract in my case).
Pour this syrup on the almonds.
Mix with a spatula.
Spread them on a silpat or a parchment paper and cook them for about 20 mins. at 150 deg. C. Check them before 20 min.

Pour the caramel on the pre-baked crust.
Make thin apple slices and arrange them evenly on the caramel.
Brush some clarified butter on the apple slices.
Bake for about 15 minutes at 170 deg. C.
Decorate with crystallized almonds all around the edge.
You can sprinkle some powdered sugar too. I prefer to sprinkle some cinnamon.


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