Apple tartlet (J. Genin)

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Written by Ben.

I remember my grandma baking those apples covered by a crust in the oven. It was rustic, juicy, soft and supra good (in my memories).
When I saw the recipe of this apple tartlet (from Jacques Genin), it reminded me those apples baked in the oven.

There is an inverted puff pastry crust, Apple butter, rhum almond cream and caramel on top of the sliced apples.
Baked apples are soft as a pillow, the apple butter is flavorful and the rhum in the almond cream add some peps.
Except the inverted puff pastry and the caramel brushing, everything is quite easy. You can still buy a puff pastry at the shop, but you will be proud of making yours. And it is better with good butter than industrial puff pastry made with margarine or worse, palm oil.
For the caramel, you have to be quick because it harden fast in the saucepan and on your brush.
I suggest you to put something in the apple core after putting the caramel. It will be easier to apply the caramel without being worried to touch the apple butter, the pastry cream or whatever you wanna put in the center of the tartlet.
You can notice by looking on my mini batch of tartlets that it is easier to brush the caramel on a wider surface than a thinier one.

tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (8 of 10)tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (7 of 10)
I am not very satisfied by the caramel brushing and my puff pastry but I saw way more messed up apple tartlets made with the same recipes on other blogs.

For 6 pieces.
Prep. time: 1h
Baking time: 30 mins.
Fridge time: 4h30

Inverted puff pastry:
flour T55: 204g
Gruel flour: 36g
Butter: 180g
Melted cooled butter: 54g
Salt: 6g
White vinegar: 1.2cl
Water: 72g

Almond cream:
Tempered butter: 20g
powdered sugar: 20g
Almond powder: 20g
Egg: 15g
Rhum: 3cl
10g of pastry cream (I had some leftover in my freezer)

9 apples (3 sliced on top of the crust)

Sugar: 50g
Water: 10g
Glucose: 12g

Inverted puff pastry:
You can also follow the puff pastry recipe fund in the Inverted puff pastry, which I recommend.
It makes the double, so you can divide the ingredient amount per two or freeze the puff pastry after the fourth turn.

1st “detrempe” (butter dough): 
In a bowl, put 36g of the T55 flour, the gruel flour and 180g of butter. Mix it till obtain something sticky but even.
Roll out this butter mix on a 1 cm thickness, in a shape of a perfect as you can rectangle. The width should be 2/3 of the length (60×40, 30×20…). Wrap and put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

2nd “detrempe” (flour dough):
Dilute the salt in water and mix with the other ingredients till having a smooth dough (but not too elastic or it will be harder to roll out and the shape will probably retract while baking in the oven).
Roll out the dough on a 2 cm thickness, in a rectangle shape, but twice shorter as the 1 dough. (If your 1st “detrempe” rectangle measures 30×20 cm, you gonna make a rectangle measuring 15×20 cm with the 2nd “detrempe”).
Wrap and put it in the fridge for about 2 hours minimum.
You can try to shorten the resting time but let the dough rest it is a very important factor. It retract less in the oven if you respect the resting time.

Put the 2nd dough in the middle of the 1st and enclose the second around the first one.
Roll out the dough in its length. Don,t forget to sprinkle flour on your table. Fold the 2 ends in the center (the wallet folding).
The 1st double turn is done. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 1h.
Make a second double turn and put it back in the fridge for 1h.
Roll out the dough in its length and fold it in 3, like a letter. Put it back at least 30 min. in the fridge.

tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (6 of 10)

Almond cream:
Mix butter, sugar and almond powder with your hand or stand mixer. Add little by little the egg.
Separately, mix the pastry cream with rum and mix everything together. Put the cream in a pastry bag with a 10 tip and put it at least 30 min in the fridge.

tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (1 of 10)
tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (2 of 10)

Apple butter:
Cut 6 apples in dice (with their cores and the cores of the sliced apples)
Cook it with a little of sugar (I used coconut sugar but feel free to put the one you want or have) and a vanilla pod.
Reduce the apple sauce till it is getting thicker to get a nice apple buter.

tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (3 of 10)
tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (4 of 10)tartelettes_aux_pommes_genin_v1 (5 of 10)

Roll out the dough on a thickness of 3 mm or as thin as you can.
Cut 6 circles of about 11 cm of diameter, or a little bit larger than your apples.
Peel apples, remove the core and slice them thinly (thiner than mine, if you want a better result than mine).
Don’t cut your finger like me, if you use an old mandolin that has no safety. I was too confidant and accelerated my rythm. And tchack!! a piece of skin removed.
Put the almond cream on the puff pastry. Don’t fill till the edge or it is gonna overflow while baking. Let 2 cm between the almond cream and the edge of the puff pastry. Put a tiny bit on each puff pastry.
Add the sliced apples. I added in between the almond cream and sliced apple some apple butter but it isn’t necessary.
Bake in the circles (or it might spread and the shape can get a little bit random) at 240 deg. C for about 10 min, and when it raised, lower to 180 deg. C (200 deg. C in the recipe found in the magazine) and bake for 20 minutes more. Watch your tartlets before the 20 mins, in case your oven bake stuffs faster.
If there is some burnt parts, cut it with a pair of scissors.

While your mini pies are still warm, prepare the caramel.
Cook all the ingredient in a pan (I used corn syrup instead of glucose syrup. It prevent to harden too quickly)
Brush the caramel on the tartlets and put some apple butter inside.

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