Chocolate tart

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Written by Ben

My wife and I made those marvelous chocolate tarts.
We sold almost the whole production and had great feedback.
I am digging into the “meilleur du chef” site those days because the guy responded me very seriously to all the annoying questions I asked, and after being satisfied by the Tart brownie entremet from his site, I decided to choose another recipe from the same site.
Here is the Chocolate tart recipe I adapted to make more regular looking tarts.

Chocolate -silky- tart is a french classic.
Belonging to my memories, it is dense, silky and creamy with a strong chocolate flavor.
This one brought me back to my past.
I am just a little bit disappointed by my skills because the ganache is not perfectly smooth like a marble and the tempered chocolate isn’t shiny as it should be, but shiny here and mat there -maybe partially because of the old rhodoid sheet I use-.

The crust is made with chocolate.
In between the crust and the ganache, there is a praline feuillantine.
The ganache is made with dark, milk chocolate and a good chestnut organic honey from a korean beekeeper.
We put grue de cacao and some tempered chocolate decoration on top.

tarte_chocolat_V1 (1 of 6)


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