Against All Grain’s “Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies”

paleo_cookies (1 of 2)

paleo_cookies (2 of 2)

Written by Rae

Danielle Walker, who wrote the book Against All Grain, which was my first paleo cookbook gifted to my by Ben after my diagnosis with PCOS, really did come up with a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that won’t make you miss the real thing.  They have that deeply satisfactory cookie dough flavor / chocolate combo.  You can add other things to the mix of this cookie, like Ben and I did last week.  We added dark and milk chocolate chips, and also raisins, but admittedly we got a little carried away.  The milk chocolate chips and raisins made the cookie a little to sweet, so I recommend just sticking with the dark chocolate chips.

The recipe uses palm shortening (or butter), almond flour, and a little bit of coconut flour and coconut sugar.  The key to this recipe is using a food processor to blend all of the ingredients together.  We’ve tried making these without using a food processor, but the results aren’t as good.  The food processor makes these cookies fluffy instead of dense, like some almond flour cookies can be.  This recipe is in fact even easier than traditional chocolate chip cookies!  It’s a one bowl ordeal – which in itself makes it worth a try!

These cookies are best while they’re still a little warm.  Though, you will have to cool them down a little bit, so they firm up a bit.  They become a bit chewy the day after . . . but it’s about the taste people . . . and the taste is pretty identical to a regular chocolate chip cookie!    Also, I’m not sure why, but in my cookies you can see specks of coconut sugar.  On the photos on Danielle’s blog, you don’t see any other these specks, but I have a feeling it differs depending on the brand of coconut sugar, or maybe even food processor being used.

You can find the recipe on Danielle’s blog, here.

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