Christmas Cookie Sale 2015

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Written by Rae

Originally, there wasn’t going to be a cookie sale this year.  To be honest, it sounded like a pain in the ass to bake a bunch of cookies in our tiny oven, 10 or 12 at a time.  However, after a little bit of thinking, I decided I didn’t have anything to do in the mornings, anyway (I work about 3 hours every day, and have stopped French in the mornings since October), and that this cookie sale would be a good thing for me to do -for my own well-being.

Lately Benoit had been selling some tarts, or anything he’s made to some French people here in Seoul.  I wanted to participate in the sales and I was even starting to feel a bit jealous that he was selling stuff without me, but I also realized that I didn’t want to make the same things he makes which are more intricate than what I enjoy making.  This is partially why I decided to have the cookie sale, even though I wasn’t sure if anyone would order or not.  I had to remember this cookie sale wasn’t just about making a little extra cash to move to France – it was about me turning my negative feelings into positive ones by doing what I love – baking!

This year I decided to keep it simple. which means I did not remake the linzer cookies, even though they were one of the best cookies last year.  I made snowflake sugar cookies – which were a pain in the ass to cut out and frost, but I’m sure pastry school will be worse, and then I made snickerdoodles, lemon crinkles, andes mint cookies (2 different versions), and peanut blossoms.

The andes mint cookies and lemon crinkles I had never made before, but they turned out pretty well.  I made two different types of andes mint cookies – one using Addie’s mom’s recipe, and the other one I found on the internet.  The difference between the two recipes is that one used cocoa powder and one used melted chocolate.  Also, in Addie’s mom’s recipe, the andes mint was on the inside, rather than on top.  I think I preferred Addie’s mom’s recipe because they were more chocolaty and chewy.  Those are the ones I drizzled with white chocolate so they didn’t look like a plopped out turd.

Overall, the sale was really successful.  It took me 7 days to bake all the cookies, and I ended up selling 21 boxes total.  14 boxes of 20 cookies, and 7 boxes of 10 cookies.  They were some leftover which I gave to Lea, or some other friends, and also some we ate ourselves.  My favorite cookies were probably the peanut blossoms or the sugar cookies.  During the sale I told Ben to take a photographic memento, because we’d probably be laughing next year in France while we help prepare wherever we are working for Christmas . . . and we’d be looking back at our sale like WTF, I can’t believe we baked and sold all these things using our tiny oven and fridge!

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