Gianduja Choco Loaf Cake

Written by Ben

In this pound cake, named in french “chocolate gianduja travel cake” -because people travel with travel cake :D-, the characteristic of it is the gianduja which is the surprise when you have the first bite.

I choose this recipe from Meilleur du chef.
I never had the chance to taste this “Gianduja”, you neither probably~
After seeking for it, I made it from scratch because baking shops in Seoul don’t sell this ingredient made from chocolate and caramelized hazelnut.
Gianduja is a kind of thick paste and remind me of Nutella but it is way better and maybe more addictive -not with this disgusting palm oil-.

To make some Gianduja -750g-, you need:
– 250 g Hazelnut
– 250 g sugar
– 250 g milk or dark chocolate

Roast the hazelnut at 140 C during 40 min maximum.
Check if it doesn’t start to burn.
Let cool it down and mix the hazelnuts with sugar in a food processor to make a paste.
Spread out the paste on a pan with the crushed chocolate and put it in the oven a 40 C for 2-3 hours, with the door open.
If your oven cannot bake at low temperature, just melt the chocolate and mix it with the paste.
Et voila, you made a new legal drug !
You can put it in a lot of cake or preparation you make.

You also need some good almond paste, at least with 50% of almond to make the cake.
To make the marzipan:
Mix half almond powder, half powdered sugar with a little bit of water and 2-3 drops of Amaretto if you like. Mix well, make a ball or a cylinder, wrap it and put it in the fridge.
Most of the almond paste sold in supermarket contains 25% of almond only, or less.

The marzipan makes the cake part unctuous and fondant, as used in any Biscuit Sacher -almond paste, egg+sugar, egg white beaten to make a merringue-.

The ganache turned grainy but I made a mistake by whisking it while it was almost hard as rock. it turned instantly into a grainy unappealing mud. I should have whisked in its liquid state, I guess~

How does it taste:
The cake tastes good thanks to the ganache and the Gianduja which was the really good surprise for people who were lucky to taste my cake.
Put the Gianduja evenly if you don’t wanna make any jealous.
The chocolate part could be more chocolaty. If I make it again, I will make a mix with the Gayaquil and this recipe or choose a better quality cacao powder.
I used the Hershey one but I will probably use the Valhrona one next time.
I topped the cake with some delicious crunchy hazelnut nuggets and extra tempered chocolate made for the xmas yule logs.

You can find the recipe here in english -or in french-!

I didn’t have any thin pound cake mold like they used, so I made it in a square shaped mold and cut 4 cakes.

For the crushed nuts in the chocolate glaze, I made some almond/hazelnut praline, crushed it in the food processor and sifted it to keep the right sized pieces.

With the praline powder, I mixed it till having a praline paste for another recipe.

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