Galette des rois


The one who has the slice with the “fève” is the king or the queen. I put 2 crowns for each gender so the king can choose his queen, vice and versa. If there is only boys or girls in the room, it is up to you to make someone your king or queen.  


Written by Ben

The “galette des roi” -King galette- is a cake eaten massively by french people from the 6th of January till whenever they want. The ones you buy after the “epiphany” season have no fève and no crown.
I decided to make 4 or 5 to sell them. I finally made 14 with my small kitchen appliances.
I wasn’t expecting so much people asking for it, and they gave me what I asked for: play the busy pastry chef~

It is a 6 turns puff pastry and inside, an almond cream.
This one can be flavored with rum, orange or any flavor you like.
It is traditionally made with a “Frangipane” cream that has also pastry cream in it.
If you make inverted puff pastry, you will have a more puffy result.

Recipe for 1 galette:
For the puff pastry:
-10cl water
-5g white vinegar or lemon juice
-5g salt -or less depending on your salt-
-100g flour T45
-100g flour T55
-50g soften butter for the 1st “détrempe”
-150g butter  for the 2nd “détrempe”

1st détrempe:
Dissolve the salt in the water and vinegar.
Sift the flours, tear the soften butter in pieces , pour the liquid and make a dough with all those ingredients. Use your hands if you don’t have any kitchen aid.
It doesn’t have to be overworked and even if it is sticky, it is fine. If you overwork the dough, it will become elastic and hard to work with.
When everything is roughly incorporated, make a rectangle as perfect as you can and wrap it in a plastic wrap.
I suggest you to make a rectangle of about 15×45 cm or 10x30cm…

2nd détrempe:
Make a rectangle with the butter to the same width of the first détrempe and 1/3 shorter in length.

There is no special techniques to make those rectangles. Some may encapsulate the détrempe in some plastic wrap and roll it out, some others may tear the butter in pieces and shape the 2nd détrempe by hand.

Making the turns:
After 2 hours resting in the fridge, take out the détrempes. Put the butter one on the dough one.
If the butter isn’t pliable and starts to crack while folding it, wait till it is soft enough.
If there is size issues, rectify the détrempes.
You can soften the butter by beating it with a rolling tin.

Fold the overlapping 1st détrempe part on the butter part.
Fold the opposite part in two in order to have a “wallet” 3 parts folding.
You made the first turn.
Rotate the dough to have the folded part on the sides.
Roll it out to have a dough 3 times longer than the width.
Fold in 3 parts to have a squared “wallet” folding.
Wrap it and let it rest for 2 hours in the fridge.
The dough has to rest in order to loose its elasticity. If it is too elastic, it becomes difficult to work with.

If the butter détrempe starts to melt before the end of the 2nd turn, put it back in the fridge.
The thing is to roll the butter/dough layers out evenly and not make indentations which will result to a puff pastry that rises not evenly.

Make the 3rd and 4th turn, let it rest for 1-2h -you can feel the dough elasticity changing and becomes less pliable. If it is not pliable at all, let it warm up on your counter-
Before using the dough, make the 5th and 6th turn.
Roll it out to a thickness of 2-3 mm. Let it rest again for about 30 min to 1 hour in the fridge. Otherwise just after cutting the dough at the desired shape, the shape will shrink. Your perfect circle will change into an oval.

After letting it rest for a bit, cut 1 circle of about 25 cm. The second one has to be around 1 cm smaller.

Prick the puff pastry circles with a fork.

Almond cream:
When the puff pastry dough is resting in the fridge, you could make the almond cream~
Normally, we do a Frangipane that has pastry cream in it but I find it too heavy and prefer a simpler almond cream.
You need:
-120g powdered sugar
-150g Almond powder
-15g rum
-15g corn starch
-120g butter
-90g beaten egg

Cream the soften butter.
Sift the dry ingredients, and mix everything together gently with a whisk and when it is roughly incorporated, in order to not add bubbles that can make the cream rise too much, finish to stir everything with a spatula.
When everything is well incorporated, put the mixture in a pastry bag or alternatively in a big Ziploc bag and set aside in the fridge.

Preheat your oven at 190 degrees C
When the almond cream is in a creamy state -not packed hard or you will have to let warm it up- cut the tip of the bag to make a hole of about 1 cm. spread it on the smallest disk of puff pastry.
Let at least 2 cm between the edge of the puff pastry and the cream or the cream may escape from the galette while baking.
Apply some water on the dough where there is not almond cream to make the 2nd puff pastry dough stick to the first one.
Put the second disk on top, the pricked side inside and apply gently some pressure to weld the 2 disks together.
Cut the edges if you need to make the edges perfect.
Don’t try to stretch the puff pastry or it will take its initial shape while baking :D.

Make indentations around the edges with the non cutting edge of a knife. It helps to weld the dough disks.
Put some egg wash on top -one beaten egg with some drop of water if it isn’t fluid enough- with a brush.
Put the galette in the fridge for 15 min and put a second pass of egg wash.

Bake it for about 30-35 mins.
After several tries with my oven, I ended up to bake mines for 10 mins at 200 C and 20 mins at 180 C to make the puff pastry puff enough and be cooked enough on the bottom.

16 baumé Syrup:
Bring to a boil 50g of water and 25g of sugar.
Brush the hot galette with this syrup to make it shiny!

The last one in the cardboard plate for our friend Thierry.

Jan2016 (9 of 17)
Galettes I made 2 weeks before.

Jan2016 (10 of 17)
Decoration by Rae, much cutter than mines

Jan2016 (3 of 8)
Mini Palmiers -palmito in french- made with the puff pastry left over after cutting the circles.

Jan2016 (17 of 17)
It looks pretty but to tuck the puff pastry under doesn’t allow it to raise properly.

Jan2016 (16 of 17)
The syrup coating crystallized.  Now I figured out how to make it properly.

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