Brioche Feuilletee au sucre

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By Rae

I’m really interested in laminated dough and had been trying a bunch of different recipes these days, including the kouign amann and various croissant recipes.  Since I was tired of making croissants and wanted to try something new, I chose to make this brioche feuilletee.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I thought it would maybe be like a croissant in a loaf shape, that looked like a brioche.  I’ve seen these at pastry shops, but they always look so dry and uninteresting, which is why I chose to make one that had pearl sugar rolled up instead and poking out of the top.

Much to my surprise, this brioche feuilletee was superb~!  It is rich and moist like a brioche, and was slightly crusty and caramelized on the top and bottom.  The pear sugar rolled in the bread had dissolved and made a nice sticky, sugary interior, while the ones on top gave a little crunch.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to try their hand at laminated dough.  It is slightly easier than making croissants if you ask me, because there isn’t any shaping or cutting of triangles involved.  To me, it’s on the level of the krantz cake (babka) – which was like an edible piece of gold.

The recipe I used was from the famous French patissier Philippe Coniticini.  It is simple to follow, and I had no problems except for that our house was somewhat cold, so it was hard to proof the dough.  Next time, I might brush the top with egg so it has more of a sheen to it.  I could only find this recipe in French, but here is the one I used.


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