Milk choco. pecan Choux

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Written by Ben

This weekend, we trained on making some choux.
My wife made choux filled with vanilla pastry cream. It was simple but probably tastier than mines. Tradition rules!
As usual, I decided to follow the most intricated recipe I fund to challenge myself…

My choux went ok but the ones made by my wife have a thinier “skin” and are crispier. She followed a Conticcini choux recipe.
Mines didn’t cracked though. My wife made them with a “craquelin” on top too.

The milk chocolate pecan ganache is the good surprise!
I made the pecan praline by myself but I am sure if I would have know how to make the pecan praline paste perfectly and used a less sugary chocolate, the pecan flavor would have been stronger for a more delicious result!
I also saved some caramelized pecan nut from the praline for the decoration in order to add some crispness and a touch of strong flavor. They advice to put some “crunchy hazelnut nugget” – that I made previously for a gâteau de voyage– on the choux but knowing the two products, I rather go for the caramelized pecan nuts.

The mango jelly looks good but it doesn’t add something in term of taste. It is even a little bit disturbing. Maybe the cheap frozen mango I bought weren’t that flavorful but I think even if it would have been made with tasty fruity mango I would have prefer a caramel glaze or a thin layer of caramel…

You will have to temper some chocolate to make some disk that goes between the jelly and the ganache decoration. It helps the ganache to not slide over the jelly. You can pre-cut some circles with the backside of any pastry bag tip -3 cm of diameter- while it is still not hard and finish cutting them with the same tip after the chocolate harden.

With this recipe, you make around 50 choux shell.
For the ganache part, you might have to multiply a lot the proportions.
For the craquelin, if you multiply per 2 the amount of ingredient, you will be good.
If you want to make the mango jelly topping, you may have to multiply per 3.

I made 14 choux with the choco-pecan ganache but I needed more ganache to make comfortably a nice decoration.

Note for newbies like me:
Let enough space between each choux you pipe on your sheet or they will stick together. Let at least the size of the choux you piped between them.
The image below is a very wrong example. Let more space in between.

The choux dough is ready to be piped when it forms a beard on your spatula or when you trace a line through the dough with your finger and it slowly closes.

For the craquelin, instead of letting it rest in the fridge to harden enough for 1 or 2 long hours, you can just put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes till it get hard enough to be cut and manipulated.

Here is the recipe:

Test and enjoy!


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