Passion Raspberry Entremet

PassionFramboiseStVal_entremet (4 of 6)
Love cake I hate
PassionFramboiseStVal_entremet (3 of 6)
The crazy unappealing decoration hides messed-up glaze

By Ben

I made those entremets for St Valentin in order to sell them…
It stayed in a test state since a lot of things didn’t convinced me at all.
I think next time I will go for chocolate-caramel-praline tastes, more tasty and more pleasant for most of the people than passion fruit or just stick to the basics before trying to improvise… The only good thing is I learned from all the mistakes I did while making those entremets.

It is composed with a passion fruit mousse made with mascarpone and Italian meringue, a raspberry core made with jam and puree, a very soft hazelnut biscuit.
I masked the bottom of each entremet by some merringue or hazelnut biscuit because the glazing got messed up on the edges.
Indeed, because of the too high amount of gelatin, the glaze was sticking to my spatula and tearing at the same time the bottom of the mousse dome.
Here is the recipe of the glaze you will find at the end of the recipe below:
Entremet bavarois choco-framboise
I think the gelatin mass in this recipe is super wrong. You can begin by dividing per two the gelatin mass, at your own risk.

I also tested a passion mousse made of cacao butter -originaly Mycryo from Cacao Barry but I simply made a frozen cube of cacao butter I grated with a Microplane to make a similar product- but I prefer the mascarpone version better, despite the both are too greasy anyway.
The recipe for the passion mousse made with cacao butter and the biscuit part:
Hazelnut and passion fruit log
And the one I used made with mascarpone -the recipe I wanted to follow but the passion fruit coating has a terrible taste, I didn’t find any affordable rhubarb on time and I don’t have all those heart shape molds-:
Passion fruit Hearts

I also tried to make a simple insert made of raspberry puree but we couldn’t feel it since it was hidden by the passion fruit acidity.
I mixed raspberry puree with raspberry jam and it turned better.
I weighted one quantity of puree for an half of jam, but you better change the ratio according to the sugar quantity in your jam.

PassionFramboiseStVal_entremet (6 of 6)
Well, it was edible but not that crazy

For the chocolate decoration, we tempered some chocolate and made some cone with parchment paper, fill them with tempered chocolate and wrote on Silpat and parchment paper. I should have make some sticks under the chocolate writing to stick them into the mousse so they don’t move and fall after a few hours.

PassionFramboiseStVal_entremet (5 of 6)    PassionFramboiseStVal_entremet (1 of 6)


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