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Written by Ben

this past 2 weeks was “mardi gras” and in the south of the France we eat those donut or beignet type of traditional deep fried pastry.
Ours turned a little bit drier than greasy industrial donuts which is a good point.
Orange zest add some flavor to those addictive simple pastry.

We followed the recipe from the book “The art of french pastry” from Jacquy Pfeiffer.
If you google “Bugnes recipes”, you will have a lot of results too.

The dough is super simple to make.
The special things you need are yeast -fresh or dry according to the recipe you picked-up-, orange peels to grate, non flavor oil such as peanut or canola oil a thermometer and a deep enough and thick saucepan that doesn’t conduct heat too much. For instance, using a wok is a bad idea but deep fry with a candy saucepan is ok…
You can deep fry the dough around 180-190 C, not less or it absorb the oil too much and get too greasy.

They are tastier the day after because orange flavor had time to diffuse more and the sugar coating stick more to the surface.


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