churros_feb_2016 (3 of 4)

churros_feb_2016 (1 of 4)
Some are bent because our saucepan is small

churros_feb_2016 (4 of 4)

Written by Ben

Since for Seollal -Korean lunar new year-, my wife received a lot of canola oil from her work places, we decided to continue deep frying stuff with it.
For people who don’t know, in Korea, during Seollal and Chuseok -the other korean holidays-, family members offer each others stuff such as oil, spam, soap, fruit…

So, thanks to all of those people who offered cheap oil to my wife so we can deep fry yummy churros!!!

I don’t remember the recipe we followed but you will easily find a recipe if you google it.
There is even some gluten free or paleo ones -which are very doubtful: Paleo+toxic deep fry?-.

The special tools you need are: a thick and deep enough saucepan, something to catch the deep fried churros like a sieve, strainer, tong or chopsticks, a pastry bag and a star shaped tip, a thermometer and some paper towels.

Check the temperature and tune the fire so it doesn’t drop under 180 C, but do not over cook everything at 200 C.

At the beginning, don’t hesitate to cook them longer than you think or I am almost sure your churros will be still a little bit doughy in the middle.
They are really fast to make, maybe faster than making crepes.
Make some tests and enjoy!!!


I wanted to make churros because we had a lot of excess oil as Ben mentioned.  Also, it’s funny but in the past year churros have become this raging street food trend.  There are now churro shops everywhere in Seoul, even at the major chain bakeries.  They sell for about $2 for a foot long churro.  Sometimes you can get them with icecream.  Well, after seeing how easy they were, I thought we should give them a try and make some ourselves!

Turns out, they are super easy to make!  But be careful, because they are also super addictive.  Ben and I devoured all of the churros in one sitting.  After that I felt semi-guilty, but I knew what I was getting myself into.

The cool thing about churros is they are made a lot like cream puffs.  Flour is shot into a boiling mixture of butter and water, stirred vigorously, and then eggs are incorporated later.  I believe we used this recipe here.


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