Gateaux de voyage -Seoul-

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Writen by Ben

Rae, some friends who helped us for the tasting and I went to this new french pastry boutique based in Seocho close to Nonhyeon station.
There is still just a few worthy pastry shop in Seoul, and this one got our attention.

Julien Favario, the Chef:
The shop is run by Chef Julien Favario who has an impressive resume.
He worked in some gastronomic restaurant in France, in California, in Japan, and in South Korea. He was also a teacher in the prestigious culinary Cordon Bleu school before settling in his clean and bright shop.

His creation shows a complete mastering of pastry technique, from the viennoiserie to intricate decoration, without omitting bright or subtle tastes.
He is also the only worker in his laboratory which is an everyday challenge to accomplish for his customers. He creates a collection of good viennoiserie, appealing entremets, tartlets and macarons. He does the work of a whole team by himself.  Respect.

He makes also extra orders such as birthday cake or other special occasion pastry for a very decent price according to what I saw on his Facebook page. So if you are tired of industrial cakes, you can ask him to make you a custom order cake.

We ate a croissant aux amandes -almond croissant shown below-, a pain aux chocolat and a croissant.
My wife prefers viennoiserie from Gontran Charrier, because it is less dense, but I prefer Julien ‘s viennoiserie because it is not bulky and stale like Gontran Charrier viennoiserie. It looks and tastes like good viennoiserie we used to eat in France.

Entremets and tartlets:
I tasted the passion fruit and his best seller chocolate entremet.
The chocolate entremet is made with a good milk chocolate mousse on top, a kind of soft dark chocolate “nougatine” with hazelnuts and orange flavors.
Despite I found the “nougatine” part a little bit hard, the flavors are well balanced and I recommend this one to any chocolate lovers.
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The passion fruit with coconut was the good surprise!
I tried to make some recently and I know passion fruit flavor is hard to balance.
It is composed by a very fresh and airy mousse, not fat at all, a crispy delicate meringue hat and a fruity glaze.
If I remember well, the biscuit part was a coconut dacquoise -airy merringue biscuit made with nuts-…
The other tasters didn’t liked it because it was too mono flavor but it was fine to me.
It also depends if you like eating entremet or not…
If you like exotic flavor, go for it!
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His shop is a little bit hiden in some parallel alley from the main street. The picture of his shop below. You can see some signs on the road in case you got lost…

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It looked bright and clear this Sunday afternoon with a warm sunny atmosphere, contrary to what the image below shows
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Rae with Chef Julien Favario
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Gateaux de voyage facebook page:

Type in Naver or Daum map:
가토 드 보야주
서울특별시 서초구 강남대로89길 11

12 am-9 pm


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