Savarin 2

savarin_Simone_feb_2016 (3 of 4)

savarin_Simone_feb_2016 (2 of 4)savarin_Simone_feb_2016 (1 of 4)

Written by Rae, made by Ben and Rae together!

This past weekend we got an order for a birthday cake.  She asked for a surprise, and was also on somewhat of a budget.  I also found out the day before that the birthday girl preferred fruit to cake, so for some reason on of the first things that came into mind was a to make a savarin.  We have made this a few times (including last year for Benoit’s birthday) and it always turns out tasting great, but in the past we haven’t been very well prepared for decorating our savarin because we didn’t have enough fruit or different elements prepared.  In fact normally we just used whatever little things we had laying around, because we were mainly focusing on making the punch, the dough for the savarin, and the pastry cream correctly.

This time, we wanted to make sure our decorating was also on point. We used the same Olivier Bajard recipe as we had in the past, and improvised a punch using a mix between vanilla, orange and lemon juice, and passion fruit juice.  Of course afterwards we punched it with rum.  For the filling, we made a creme diplomat a la vanille (pastry cream mixed with whipped cream) and layered it with diced strawberries.  We arranged strawberries, blueberries and apple mint on top; and also made a homemade castella cake, which we tore into pieces to decorate the cake.

For me, the result was absolutely fabulous, especially if compared to our savarin and babas of the past, where we hadn’t prepared at all for decorating!  It really looks somewhat professional and I think this is one of our better looking cakes, yet.  Je suis fiere de nous!

savarin_Simone_feb_2016 (4 of 4)
We included some candles, a knife and a card with the cake.

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