Tarte florentine

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Written by Ben

This version has caramelized hazelnuts, pistachios and roasted sliced almonds mixed with candied orange and caramel.
The crust is made of hazelnut and it is very brittle like a short bread.
It is a good product not so heavy if you keep in mind it is mainly made of nuts and caramel. It has a good orange flavor but Rae found a lack of salt and I am agree with her.

Here is the recipe illustrated in french + a video:

The caramel becomes hard after a few hours and the “hair” on the caramelized hazelnuts used for decoration shrink but this kind of caramel decoration doesn’t last more than 24 hours according to the Chef… -Probably because of the glucose inside of the caramel that has a tendency to liquefy it-

Special point on the hazelnut crust:
I recommend to try this tasty crust you can also make cookies of it.
Its downsides are you have to work it fast and it breaks easily while trying to put it in the circles.
The good point is it holds its own shape in the oven, without any other help and this is magical!


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