Choco-praline entremet




Written by Ben


It is a variation from the entremet style of cake “Le petit Antoine”.
The recipe was created by a m.o.f. -best french craftsmen- pastry Chef named Stephane Glacier.
I saw the recipe in the magazine Fou de Patisserie and the Chef says it was the most replicated recipe he shows during his professional masterclasses. I read the ingredients list and no wonder it what he says may be true.

It is all about regressive flavors such as Praline, Hazelnut chunks, chocolates and Chantilly.
Classic but delicious and recognizable products.
I just changed hazelnut praline by homemade pecan praline which I find tastier.
I finally mixed some hazelnut praline with pecan praline because the pecan praline had a little bit too powerful flavor.

At the bottom, there is a crusty praline part made of pecan praline, crepe Dentelle cookie and black chocolate.
On top of that, there is hazelnut Dacquoise with hazelnut chunks, and chocolate cremeux -a kind of custard mixed with chocolate-.
There is also a milk chocolate chantilly and some chocolate decoration.
Here is the recipe.
Here you can see the original.



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